Needle and Swatch Gaugues for Knit and Crochet

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Ez Pz Ruler

The last gauge ruler you'll ever need, EZ PZ Gauge magnifies your stitches at 2x magnification so they're easier to see.  Marked every 1" on top and every 1/2 inch on bottom for a 4" section, you'll easily be able to keep your place as you count stitches.  Knitters and crocheters alike will love how easy it is to measure gauge with the EZ PZ Gauge Ruler

Akerworks Swatch Gauge

These gauges offer a slip-resistant 4 inch cross measurement, for nice confident gauge counting. Each end of the cross has a set of little teeth that gently but firmly hold the swatch in place and prevent it from shifting around while you count.

One side of each arm is marked in whole inch increments, with 1/4" marks between. The opposite side is marked in whole centimeter increments.

They come packaged in a clear pillow box

4.5 x 4.5 inches


Katrinkles Gauge Swatch Measurement Ruler Square Tool for Knitting or Crochet

This handy little square tool is used for measuring gauge swatches made from any type of yarn. Simply hold the tool up against your work and count how many stitches fit inside the cut out square (along the bottom for stitch gauge and up the side for row gauge)
Click on picture to see how it is used
The bottom measurements are in inches and centimeters are marked on the left side, making this ruler universal for all fiber artists.
This precise gauge swatch measurement tool is laser cut from bamboo
and is available in two sizes
The smaller measures approximately 2.5" x 2.5" x 1/8" with a 2" / 5cm square cut out
The larger measures approximately 5.5" x 5.5" x 1/8" with a 4" / 10cm square cut out.
Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges.

Check out the "MINI" tools perfect for your travel lanyard

Katrinles "Mini" Tools
Add to your lanyard or attach to your project bag, always have your all your "tools" Minitools measure 2.5 x 2.5 and are hand crafted in the USA

see all the mini tools here

Katrinkles WPI Wraps Per Inch Tool Dog or Cat

This handy little tool measures the thickness of any yarn. Simply wrap the yarn around into the inch wide notch. Compare the number of times your yarn fits in the slot with the key on the side and you'll know if you have bulky, worsted or sport weight yarn.  All weights of yarn from Bulky to Lace are represented in the key that's engraved right on the tool.  
This precise tool is laser cut from alder hardwood. Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges. each hand-finished tool a unique character and the stylish look and wonderful feel of real wood.
This wraps per inch tool measures approximately 2 1/4" x 4" x 1/8". Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each piece may slightly vary.

Lacis Slide On Gauge

Slide on for hooks & needles - no guesswork. Just slide your needle or hook into the slot
Item # LH66

Measures from your thinnest needles and hooks up to #35

Hiya Hiya Sheep Needle Gauge

One side is Metric 0.7mm to 15mm sizes and the other US sizes from 6-0 to 19

Hiya Hiya Needle Gauge

Made of firm plastic with both metric and US sizes clearly marked. Approximately 3.35"x3.75" just the perfect size to slip into your knitting bag.

Available in Blue, Red or Green.

Choose Color

Solid Brass Stitch and Needle Gauge
Designed by a jeweler you can't help but smile at the cute lamb face. Solid brass with a tarnish-free, light weight lacquered finish. Approx. 3.25" x  3.75" Needle Measures US and metric sizes from 0000 to 15 US center is for measuring stitch and row gauge.

Clover Needle Gauge

perfect to hang on your tool lanyard through the top loop. Measures needles from 0 -19 with a 3" 3" ruler on the bottom 3.5"W x 3" H