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Easy to make and fun to wear

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Dr. Seuss-ish "Elephant Foot"
Shoulder Bags & Cell Phone Bag

These bag are particularly Seuss-ish, and quite the happy bags. Who knew a bag could be so much fun? 4 patterns are included with suggestions for trim

Shoulder Bag or Cell Phone

Prism Bags (No. 110)

The the prism bags are sophisticated and sleek and roomy enough to carry just about everything you need with you at all times.
The pattern contains instructions for four angular bags and detailed finishing instructions. purchase yarn

Prisim Bag
Finish with plastic handles and little metal feet sold separately on accessory page

Three Sassy, Skinny, Tube Baguettes

These elegant, highly structured bags have attitude and come in three sizes and designs. Carry unadorned, or decorate any Noni flower for a truly unusual bag. The flower patterns are sold separately.

3 Tube Baguettes

Felted Carpet Bags

This pattern contains instructions for carpet bags in three different sizes: rather huge, medium, and small. These bags feature a classical shape that combines practicality and beauty. The flower embellishment is available separately in the Camellia pattern.

Carpet Bag

Evening Bags

Two Versions

This very popular pattern contains instructions for two variations of two lovely evening bags. There are Fish Scales and White Coral, both decorated with paillettes. or 9 to 9 to 9 with feathers or felted camellias.

Evening Bags

Cell Phone or MP3 Player Bag in 2 Sizes

These little baglets can be knit up while you are talking on the phone (in an hour or so once you get the hang of it).

Cell Phone.MP3 Player

Mandeville Vines & White Jasmine Flowers
Step-by-step instructions for creating six different sized trumpet flowers and vines. Twine them around the top of any bag or around the I-cord handles. Wrap gifts in vines with flowers. A must-have pattern for anyone who loves flowers. purchase yarn

Mandeville Vines & White Jasmine Flowers

Covered Rocks Saddle Bag & Pockets
These bags were inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy's use of leaves and flower petals to cover rocks. The "covered rocks" circles are worked as intarsia. Inside each bag hangs a detachable pocket that can also be worn on its own. Covered Rocks pockets have an intarsia flap. Both saddle bag and pocket are knit in one piece, straps knit separately and attached

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Covered Rocks Saddle Bag & Pockets

Spring Basket Evening Bags
Characterized by a profusion of flowers. the largest bag is slightly tapered toward the bottom, giving it a basket-like quality, and the smallest bags are like small, round boxes. Each bag has a lid that is covered with flowers, producing a very girly profile.Finish with handles and little metal feet sold on the accessory page. purchase yarn

Spring Basket Evening Bags

Hidden color Messenger Bag & Passport Pocket
These felted Messenger Bags and Passport pockets are based on the idea of hidden color. Each bag has a plain flap that hides a brightly colored design or stripe. Iinside each bag is a vibrant passport pocket that can be worn on its own. Both the Messenger Bags and the small Passport Pockets are knit in one piece. Straps are knitted separately then attached

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Hidden color Messenger Bag & Passport Pocket

Cherry Blossom Flowers
These lovely, delicate and beautifully simple flowers can adorn anything you like, from your handbag, to gift packages, to sweater necklines, to your favorite Summer sandals. Bag pattern not included
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Hidden color Messenger Bag & Passport Pocket

Winter Berries (No. 120)
Covered with brilliant crimson or shimmering white berries, this unstructured bag in two sizes and colorways is a glorious statement you will love creating and admiring once it is finished. This bag is knit in one piece. A zipper closes the bag and a separate strap is attached after felting using purchased hardware. I-cord branches and bobble berries are arranged and sewn on by hand.
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Winter Berries

Cypress Knees Cheeky Mini-Bag (No. 408)
This minibag with its I-cord "cypress knees" is the perfect little bag to carry. Big enough for a wallet, keys, and some makeup.

The bag body and handle tabs of Cypress Knees are knit in one piece. I-cord "knees" are added before felting, with chain stitch embroidery added after

Cypress Knees Cheeky Mini-Bag
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Starry Night Beaded Bag (No. 127)
This is a lovely,unfelted, 1-skein project that is quick to knit and finish. Hand sew to the Lacis frame through the convenient holes in the frame. The pattern contains instructions for making this bag in three different yarn combinations.and Coming ( June 08): Starry Night pre-made silk purse in 6 colors, they have two zippered pockets inside (one w/Noni logo). and sew in your bag: through the very same holes you used to sew your bag to the frame

Starry Night Beaded Bag

Flamenco Bag (No. 126)
The flamenco bag is a medium-sized roomy bag that can go anywhere, from the park, to a fancy evening out. The felting and finishing is quick and easy. Simply hand sew the felt "flaps" over the Lacis snap handle structure, snap closed. Add feet to bag for a wonderfully luxurious finished look. Also look for Noni pockets, 100% silk pockets in 7 colors: 2 zippered pockets and a cell phone pouch you can simply sew into your bag

Just a Bowl of Pears (No. 205)
Enjoy the quiet luxury and abundance of pears that will never diminish in their beauty. Offered in two sizes and shapes, the delicacy of Seckel and the voluptuousness of Bosc will lend an elegance when arranged in a bowl, hung on a christmas tree, or used as embellishments for clothing and bags.Knit in the round on double pointed needles, pears are shaped with stuffing before felting. Leaves are knit and felted separately and attached after felting.purchase yarn
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Just A Bowl Of Pears

Camellia Flowers
Requires: 440 yards 100% worsted weight wool for felting and size US 11 needles purchase yarn

Camiellia flowers