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Inspired by the night sky, Polaris mixes a soft blend of acrylic and wool, encasing a knitted strand of soft sequin run throughout. Colors range from classic black and white to colorful self-shading blends --- the result? Something dressy to wear with everything Yarn Details: Yards: 192.00 Grams: 50.00
Composition: Acrylic - 65% Payette - 4% Wool - 31%
3 - Light Weight Yarn
Knit STS: 5.25 - 6.00 / Needles (US): 5.0 6.0 7.0
Crochet STS: 3.00 - 4.25 / Hooks (US): 7 H-8 I-9

$8.00 each

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Rozetti Opus Ribbon Yarn

An easy to knit ribbon yarn with a touch of color at the end

Yards: 54.00
Acrylic - 92% ; Polyester - 8%
(5) - Bulky Weight Yarn

Knit STS: 3.00 - 3.75
Crochet STS: 2.00 - 2.75

Recommended Needles (US):

Recommended Hooks (US):
hand wash


One of the new additions to the self ruffling yarns similar to Marina but with bobbles on the edge that change color just as the yarn changes colors for a completely new look. Just one ball makes a fabulous scarf. click on the image to download a free pattern

$11.95 per ball

Soft Payette

Soft Payette is a unique blend of soft shiny acrylic and matte polyester, with a strand of soft payette knit right into the yarn! With high twist and great stitch definition, Soft Payette works up beautifully into lace and textured stitches and perfect for year round wear!

Yarn Details:
Yards: 224, Grams: 100.00

Acrylic - 70%, Payette - 8%, Polyester - 22%

Light Weight Yarn

Knit STS: 5.25 - 6.00/ Needles: US 5, 6 7
Crochet STS: 3.00 - 4.25 / Hooks US G-7, H-8, I-9


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Flora unfurls into a wide ribbon ruffle, making it easy to work up dramatic accessories and add extra flair to everything you make!

Want to learn more? Click here to see how to knit with Flora!

Yarn Details:
Yards: 27.00 Grams: 100.00
Cotton - 72%, Polyamide - 28%

Medium Weight Yarn

Knit STS: 4.00 - 5.00
Crochet STS: 2.75 - 3.50
Recommended Needles (US): 7.0, 8.0, 9.0
Recommended Hooks (US): I-9, J-10, K-10.5


Marina Glitz

Same as Marina with the addition of sparkle. See detail below



Yards: 33.00 Grams: 100.00

100% Acrylic Medium weight yarn

Knit STS: 4.00 - 5.00
Crochet STS: 2.75 - 3.50
Recommended Needles (US): 7,8 9

Recommended Hooks (US): I-9, J-10, K-10.5

A fun webbed yarn in beautiful rich colors! Knit along one edge to create a wonderful ruffled fabric. Marina Can be knit alone or altenated with a complimentary yarn by knitting along one edge of Marina. Makes a wonderful scarf or ruffled shawl or can be used to trim a hat or the cuffs of a sweater. Let your imagination go wild. One skein makes a long scarf using 6-8 stitches

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